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     Since I have been going to “Above the Rest” training I have lost 30 lbs.  Garrett Bacher (owner) has helped me accomplish what I have been trying to do for years.You can’t believe how good the mornings are without doughnut cravings, and better yet the night times where I want to eat pizza and wings before I go to bed.

     I felt so tired all the time, headaches, breathing hard going up stairs, and chronic back pain so bad I would be flat on my back for days.

I just turned 54 I feel like I’m 30! It’s a new way of life, losing weight, gaining energy, improving my posture, strengthening my back, and eating the right foods.  My waist size was 40 when I started now I am a 34 with a goal of 32.  I was so glad to put my old clothes in the charity bin and never to return to that dreaded 40 again.  I have lost weight the right way steady, methodically with the help from the ATR Staff.

As great as it is to lose weight and look good, my biggest accomplishment was getting my cholesterol under control.  I was over 300 with, my doctor ready to prescribe me a pill.  With hard work and dedication I lowered my cholesterol to 146!  Thank you ATR!


Ron C.

      My son asked me to start working out.  So I was referred by a friend to ATR Fitness.  The ATR staff asked me “why don’t you work out with your son”.  I decided “why not” I immediately found I had more energy and felt better than I had in years.  For the 4 hours I spend at ATR a week I feel and look like a different person.  At 46 people tell me I’ve never looked better, and I have ATR to thank.  In total I have lost 11% body fat!!!

Mike C.

     I initially joined ATR because of my health problems.  The weight loss I observed in my brother inspired me to start working out at ATR and eat healthier and change my lifestyle.  In total I have lost 24 pounds and it is all because of following ATR’s diet and workout routine. I feel a lot healthier and my blood pressure has been dramatically lower.  I have been taken off my blood pressure pills! Recently, I was able to run a 5k race due to my training.  I just want you to know that working out with ATR has brought my SEXY back!!!!

          I started ATR three years ago after I begged friend of mine for the name of his trainer and three years is when my transformation really began.  I have struggled with my weight for most of life and hit my highest weight in my 20’s.  I decided to take action and started working out on my own but it wasn’t enough.  I need a push.  When I started working out at ATR the staff provided guidance, support and the push I needed to see for myself what I was capable of achieving.  I was held accountable for my choices, provided education around nutrition and exercise, and helped work though challenges I was facing (because we all know that this journey is not an easy one!)  I have lost 50 lbs. and never felt better!  I will be forever grateful to the ATR staff for allowing me to see how strong I really am (both physically and mentally) and for giving me the confidence to achieve my goals!